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Welcome to splashSMS where we deliver exceptional BulkSMS services.

We are a rapidly growing high technology corporation, specialized in Mobile messaging services and Mobile applications all over the world.

We offer the Cheapest, Fastest and the best bulk sms services in Nigeria with a Far-Reaching Vision of becoming the Name to Trust globally when You Need to send SMS. We are committed to giving you the best of Bulk SMS services at the cheapest prices.

Are you a business owner wanting to communicate or market to your customers?

Are you an organisation wanting to send group messages such as event notifications,promotions or SMS alerts to staff?

Are you an individual looking to send a quick message or a group text message to all your friends?


Our WebSite is the most reliable way to send bulk messages to numerous GSM and CDMA cell phones both locally and globally in Nigeria at the same rate. Our reach is not limited to Nigeria alone, we can also reach any part of the world. To benefit from our services, click register and register for FREE and also get free SMS to test our System.


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To purchase units, please visit our pricing page for our friendly prices and payment options.



  • The following words have been blocked by the networks and SHOULD NOT BE USED when sending messages as the message WILL NOT BE DELIVERED AND UNITS DEDUCTED WILL NOT BE REFUNDED: CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATS, REDEEM, PROMOTIONS, PROMOTE, PROMO, WON, CALL, HURRAY, PRIZE, WOW e.t.c.Please note that we'll not be responsible for the non-delivery of messages containing these words.
  • Kindly note also that the use of phone numbers as Sender ID is not allowed by many of the networks. The message may not be delivered or the Sender ID may be changed by the network providers, which is not desirable. The reason for these restrictions is to checkmate dubious or fraudulent activities.  

NB: Sender ID should not be more than 11 characters even if your phone supports more than 11 characters.

Duplicate and invalid numbers will be removed and not charged.separate multiple numbers with comma,colon,space or put each number on a separate line.



MTN, GLO & AIRTEL - 2 Units

ETISALAT - 1.5 Units

For more details, Send us an email on our Contact Us page or contact us on the following:


BBM: 24EEB939

Whatsapp: 07036310986

Facebook: splashsms concepts